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History of Bean Bag's

June 19, 2016

First invented in the 1960’s, Bean bags were once a very popular relaxation furniture used by children around the world. You may recall having one at your school when you were young, or even one at home. I clearly remember having one in my school play area, there would always be 2 or 3 there for kids to use during recess and lunch. I’ve grown attached to bean bag’s ever since, I immediately purchased one for myself to use at home. I used to use it almost every day, whether it be to read a book, do homework or even watch television. My bean bag chair replaced the way I sat on things, I would rarely use a chair or even sit on the sofa. Now that I am in my adult era, I still have one. However, the size is much larger and bulkier, this bean bag chair can easily fit more than 2 adults at once. It is really comfortable to sit on and I still enjoy using it everyday.

Bean Bag Chair

Ever since they were invented, they were always small and similar. However, nowadays there are so many different choices and styles you can choose from, that it is absolutely unbelievable. You can put a bean bag chair almost anywhere in your house, whether it be in your child’s room, your lounge room or even in your basement. Some of my favorite bean bag chairs to purchase for my kids would have to be the animal themed ones, these are the ones that are designed to look like certain animals. These are not only really cute and adorable but very affordable. There are so many benefits of having a bean bag chair that I would recommend that everyone get one. Some of it’s benefits I have noticed include decreasing stress, increasing energy of kids and also being really comfortable to sit on. I also believe that now is the best time to purchase one, you can even purchase one online at Amazon or Ebay and have them delivered straight to your door without extra fees. There are also lots of different companies that sell bean bag chairs, whilst most of them are similar. There are some that are better than others.

My First Bean Bag Story

My very first bean bag chair came from Chill Bags. I read a few of their reviews online and was interested in trying them out. I was pleasantly surprised and pleased with the quality and how long it has lasted me. We are currently 1 year and strong, the bean bag chair is still in excellent condition considering the fact that nearly everyone uses it almost everyday. The bean bag chair is also very easy to clean and maintain, it only takes around 5 minutes or so every few weeks to wipe it down and get rid of any bacteria or dirt on it.

3 Reasons Why You Should Get A Bean Bag

July 22, 2015

Have you ever thought of getting a bean bag chair? If so, what is holding you back? What are you not actively trying to get one right now? Today’s post will be discussing about why I think YOU should get a bean bag chair this moment.

Firstly, bean bag chairs are very affordable, they do not cost a arm and a leg. They can cost anywhere from 30 dollars to a few hundreds. This all depends on the size and brand you purchase. According to my experiences, the bigger the bean bag chair the more expensive it is going to be. To be fair, this is quite obvious, a bigger bean bag chair will have more filling and will overall be a better option.

Secondly, bean bag chairs are comfortable. They are extremely comfortable to sit on, you could easily sit on one for wholes on end. They do not burn up or get too hot to sit on for long periods of time. Your kids and guests will absolutely enjoy and love them.

Thirdly, they are very maintainable. Most bean bag chairs on the market today are very maintainable and durable. They are made from high quality materials and stuffing’s that ensures that they are resistant to spills and damages. Bean bag chairs are also very easy to store away. Considering the fact that you purchased a small bean bag chair to medium sized bean bag chair. These can be easily stored away in your cupboard or wardrobe for alter sues. For bigger bean bag chairs, they are more difficult to store away and are very heavy. So do some research before purchasing a bean bag chair.

I would recommend picking a medium to large sized bean bag chair for families and for people living with more than 1 adult. For yourself, you can get a medium sized bean bag chair or a large one if you really want to. For families with little children then getting a small sized bean bag chair may be a good idea. This’ll be the perfect size for your children to play and sleep in. Getting a bean bag chair isn’t always good as they can be difficult to get on and off for little kids. They are however very fun and enjoyable to play with.

Bean bag chairs have a very long life, they can last many years if you take proper care of them. This means that you do not let pets or anything that may damage it onto it. Hopefully, this is enough to convince you to purchase a bean bag chair.